Socks Flashes Gillies Belts and Buckles


Available in Off White, Green, Lovat Green, Oatmeal, Navy, Black, White and Argyle.

Our socks are the most comfortable you will have ever worn.  A wool hose and nylon reinforced toe and heel.  Colors include off-white, green, lovat green, oatmeal, navy, black, white and other colors, if requested.

We also have Argyle tartan hose available!   These are custom made to match the colors of your tartan.  These are expensive and please allow at least four weeks in ordering.  The three measurements needed for these socks are:
        1. Foot length
        2. Diameter of calf at widest point
        3. Distance from the bottom of your heel to the widest point
            on your leg to which you want the hose to come.

..WARNING! To avoid shrinkage, wash in cold water and allow to dry naturally.  DO NOT use hot water and a dryer!


These come in a full range of colors, the most popular being yellow, green, and red.  All are Velcro fastened with elastic straps.


Light Weight Brogue Dress Leather Sole
Military double thick leather sole with steel cleat  in the heel

Heavy marching sole with steel cleat in the heel and nylon toe wear pad ( in red )

Gillie brogues are the traditional footwear for gentlemen.  The pattern of holes evolved from the ancient practice of Scots punching holes in the top of their brogans to let the water squish out after they had crossed a stream.  They are comfortable and relaxing.  When ordering, it is essential that we know your US shoe size to convert to UK shoe sizing.

Leather upper/leather sole Size 6-12
Leather upper/leather sole Size 13-14
Leather upper/molded unit sole Size 4-12


Black or brown leather with red or green leather lining are available in all sizes.

Black w/ red linning & Chrome buckle
Black w/ no linning & Chrome buckle
Black w/ red linning
Brown w/ green linning
Belt w/ no linning


We are now accepting VISA and MASTERCARD! Email or Phone (336) 288-8549.



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